Friday, April 07, 2006

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Niversphere's blog is purely fundamentals-based, which would be quite similar to mine, except that he provides research on Singapore stocks that are worth buying. Those looking for extensive coverage of many stocks would be disappointed because he prefers to cover those in his stock portfolio only, an understandable position because it probably takes the least effort to cover these (I notice that he does not "commercialise" his site at all unlike other sites (including mine). But for those interested in the same stocks as him you would find a substantial amount of coverage and follow-through on them. I personally have benefited from a number of his stock research on several stocks, knowledge-wise, although I am not vested in the stocks. One learns to appreciate serious and well-researched views from fellow investors.

So far, Niversphere appears to have covered in detail the following:
Hongguo (which has since run to the moon)
Ace Achieve
Tat Hong
Noble Group
Want Want

One significant point about his views is that they tend not to be valuation-driven, but business-driven. That is, his investing horizon might be longer.

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